Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Integrate to Marketing Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Integrate to Marketing Communication - Essay Example Introduction In order to suggest what makes Arnott’s Tim Tams company a strong brand name one has to have a closer look at the corporation’s competitive advantage, its strength and weaknesses; the client fairness and their market blending. Considering the company’s products, its organization and its mission, its competitive advantage is its reasonable trademark. Clients who purchase fair trade products are viewed as being decent consumers. Ethical consumers are concerned with fair prizes among other things (Schultz et al.2002). Therefore, it can be suggested that Arnott’s Tim Tams competitive advantage is its reasonable trademark because it deals with a particular type of consumer who is willing to pay more money for products and become loyal to the company, which on the other hand is selling fair trade products. Furthermore, Arnott’s Tim Tams product success is one of its chief strengths. The company pays a lot of focus to the quality of its produc ts and its suppliers. For that case, this is the reason why the customers are considerably fulfilled and are eager to pay more. Arnott’s Tim Tam clients can be certain that they will purchase high standard products. Context Analysis As much as client fairness is concerned it can be suggested that it comprises of value fairness, brand justness and affiliation equity. Patrons who are justly worried about the concern of fair trade are most probably to bond with Arnott’s Tim Tams biscuit chocolates if they are the just fair trade brand in the area. Bringing a closer look at Arnott’s Tim Tams marketing blend, 4Ps can be taken into account. The price, product, place, and promotion. Taking into account Arnott’s Tim Tams product prices, it can be suggested that its products are not cheap, but simultaneously they are affordable. The patrons understand the fact that they pay more for the product bearing in mind that they embrace fair trade. The chocolate biscuits i ndustry is becoming more concerned with very precise target markets. The premium chocolate, for example is very prominent. The threat of chief producers penetrating in to the classification is rather high. Arnott’s Tim Tams brand is well valued amid those who have had the privilege of feeling the product. The brand has a paltry market share than the bigger competitors in the classification who have more monetary influence and extensive market share. Conversely, economic development has been reducing globally, with a lot of consumers losing their jobs and taking key pay cuts (Schultz et al. 2002). Going by the specifics, consumers are measuring their spending patterns and are cutting out on extravagant things and opting for inexpensive varieties of certain products. With respect to market trends in the chocolate biscuits industry, one great opportunity for Arnott’s Tim Tams could be to make their chocolate biscuits not just for fair trade product, but also a premium pro duct. Arnott’s Tim Tams company could as well increase its market share by growing many distinct unique tastes. If there is any more opportunity, it is probably that the company will attract more consumers. The other opportunity for Arnott’s Tim Tams lies in printing the cocoa content on its products for customers who are attentive on this. Ultimately, the company could begin a new, entirely natural, product side. As a result, these consumers will see it as fair trade and natural. This will be very appealing to their present consumer

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